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QMT (up to 36 kV)


POWER CENTER electrical panels are normally installed in the transformer cabins immediately downstream of the MV / LV transformers.

They have high duty currents and short circuit resistance.

This apparatus is the first level of LV distribution, and is normally equipped with open and molded-case circuit breakers.

It is designed for installation in electrical systems where the distribution and management of high currents is required.

On these systems, maximum safety for the personnel, continuity of service and versatility in the event of modification or expansion of the system itself must be guaranteed.

PANELETTRIC offers Power Centers able to satisfy all these requirements:

Made in modular compartments capable of receiving equipment of any constructive size, amperage range and short circuit.

We offer solutions with equipment from all major manufacturers (SIEMENS - ABB - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC)

Whatever the specific system need, our technical office is able to propose the most appropriate technical solution regarding the form of segregation - short-circuit withstand and customized solutions.

C Electric eatures:
  • Nominal voltage 690 Vac

  • Operating voltage 400 - 230 - 110 Vac

  • Test voltage 50 HZ for 1 ':

power circuit 2500 Vac

circ. aux1500 Vac

  • TN-S system

  • Rated current Max 3200 A

  • DC current Max 100 kA

  • Degree of protectionIP 30 - IP 41

  • Standards IEC 61439

  • Form of segregation 2 - 4b

  • Front - Rear Accessibility

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